Pin Master version 1.1

What’s new :

  • The issue with Arab region format was fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with iOS 4.2 and other earlier versions.
  • You can now exchange single pins with friends that also use Pin Master (Istvan thanks for the idea). An option “send to onother pinmaster” was added in the pin action menu. This menu is displayed when you tap the category icon on a pin, in the map or on the list.
  • When you import an exported library from an email you received (“Export “option in Settings) you no longer have to close Pin Master before clicking the attachment in the email.
  • When tapping on a pin from the pin list, a new action “Find On Map” has been added. You might have to scroll downwards to see it.

This update will be available on the App Store in the coming days. We are currently adding more icons to choose from in the categories screen.

Feel free to comment below and give us your suggestions for the next update

One thought on “Pin Master version 1.1

  1. This is one of the best “places I’ve been” map and pin drop out there. Most of the other ones are just too difficult or expensive.

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