App store reviews for Pin Master

5/5 喜欢全图标的模式

by HANA & CANDY on Thursday, March 01 2012 version 1.1

5/5 Nice

by Joamc on Thursday, February 23 2012 version 1.0
Nice app. But to imprive it, I think that it’s important the possibility of sharing your pins with your friends. ( sorry about my english)

5/5 Great fun and practical!

by SzalaiLori on Sunday, February 19 2012 version 1.0
It is so much fun having an app that let’s you map all your favourite places and especially spots that are special to you for individual reasons, capturing it with pictures as well…feels like a 21st century Magellan, discovering new locations and sharing it with the world…of your friends.

5/5 Nice!

by George Floros on Tuesday, March 06 2012 version 1.1
Simple to use + straight forward. Does exactly what is says. I just stopped using the stock google maps app after trying this one.

5/5 Best if its kind

by greekGuy20 on Sunday, March 04 2012 version 1.1
It just works..wicked interface

4/5 Good to Use

by vjva on Tuesday, February 21 2012 version 1.0
First hour of use was good without any hitch. A short video on its basic function would be of much help.

5/5 Nice app

by yotrF on Thursday, March 08 2012 version 1.1
I was searching for an app that could keep track of local places for work. I wanted to be able to build a database, share the database with other colleagues on the iPhone and send it back to base to be opened on a desktop. I was expecting to find several. This one was the only one to fit the bill.

I really like the category feature, how the filtering works, and the multiple ways you can taylor this app to your needs. It may take a little while to figure out this app, but that’s because of all the things it does.

I’m anxious to see what future updates will bring.

Pin Master App Store Reviews

Pin Master App Store Reviews

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