Pin Master – Instructions for beta testers

Installing our app on your iOS device for beta testing is very easy. Please follow these steps.

  1. Pick up your iOS device (iphone/ipad) and use Safari to navigate to
  2. Tap on “Install Diawi Profile” . Relax, this is safe, thousands of beta testers do it every day.
  3. On the next screen titled “Install Profile” tap the button “Install” and verify “Install Now”
  4. On the next screen titled “Welcome to Diawi” tap “Send my UDID by e-mail” and send the email to

When we get your email, we will tell Apple that you are one of us, so that they will let you install our apps on your device before they are released on the app store.

After we reply to your email (probably the next day) …

  1. Open on your device again (you should really bookmark this)
  2. Tap “Show available apps”. A list of all available versions of the app is displayed.
  3. Tap on the item that is on the top of the list. This is the latest version of the application under beta testing.
  4. On the next screen, tap “Install Application” and verify “Install”

You are now officially an Oblivius beta tester. After using the application please give us some feedback on any of the following topics.

  • Did you find it useful?
  • Would you use it only for your own points of interest or ones suggested from a friend as well?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • Is the power of adding custom fields obvious?
  • Did you find any bugs or experience any crushes?
  • Did you find a screen confusing?
  • Got any idea that would improve the app?
Please read the app description before starting to beta test the app. It is more or less the same that will appear on the App store, so you start out with the same information that the final user will have.

If you help us with testing our app, you get a promo to download the full version for free. More importantly, you become a part of ObliviusApps and earn your place in the app credits that are visible from inside the app.

Please send all feedback from your testing, to

Pin Master – app description