Pin Master HD

DESCRIBE, SHARE & SYNC your favourite places with your friends. Pin Master is the most versatile iphone app for location bookmarking.


Drop pins on the map and describe your favorite places with your own custom fields. Other apps give you limited options like “Title”, “Notes” etc. Pin Master has all the above as default fields plus the option to describe any attribute with your own custom fields. Attach photos, notes, ratings and anything else you can think of. Filter pins with one tap on the on-screen icons, or create multiple filters as complex as you like.


Share your fav places with anyone via email,text message, facebook or twitter. Unless they have an iPhone too. Why only share when you can SYNC?


You and your friends with iphones, can collectively use and improve your collection of pins. Export your pin collection or a part of it and send it to one or more recipients as an email attachment. When they tap the attachment, your pins are added on their map. If they already have them, the pins are updated. Unless they have made some changes of their own, in which case a time stamp is used to identify the newest pin.

Pin Master takes care of the details. All you have to do is use your imagination to find more and more uses for it.


-“You won’t want to turn to any other bookmark location app”

– “Pin Master is quick to charm the pants off iPhone users. It’s not a difficult thing to understand – after all, this practical application boasts a sleek and flawless interface that most Mac owners love.”

– “The app contains a very sleek interface with a professional design throughout. Overall the best location bookmarker I have used on iOS with loads of features”

-4.7 / 5 stars average rating on the app store


– Group your places in categories with custom fields for each category
– Search and bookmark any place regardless your current location
– View your places on the map or in a searchable list
– Share and sync your collection with friends that also use Pin Master
– Export your pins to your desktop computer and view with G00GLE Earth/Maps
– Filter your places by category or custom field
– Share on Facebook, Twitter, email or Text message
– View the route to a selected place
– View your places in G00GLE street view
– Quickly find a location via address search
– Export your places as a spreadsheet for further analysis (excel file)
– Backup/restore via email
– Advertisement free
– Highly usable, streamlined interface. No unnecessary taps what so ever

3 thoughts on “Pin Master HD

  1. Hello,
    I love this app so far however when I open the excel sheet using ‘pages’ on my MacBook it is in a single column of garbled info. What do I need to do to be able to view it?

    • Hello,

      You can try opening the excel with onother Spreadsheet program like openOffice. It looks like Pages and Excel are not 100% compatible, but you should be able to open the file with openOffice in your Mac, or some other free spreadsheet viewer that is compatible with the Excel file format. Then, you can probably also save the file in Pages format.

      Thank you for the feedback, a rating on the app store would be great.

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